A Simple Way To Peel Fresh Peaches

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This method is quick and easy; you'll be peeling a peach in seconds.

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Most peach recipes require you first to peel the peaches. It sounds like a daunting task, but, in all actuality, it will take you longer to get water simmering than it will take to peel a dozen peaches. I promise.

Don’t toss those peach peels! To limit waste, learn how to use them in a delicious Peach Simple Syrup or Peach Tea.

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A Simple Way To Peel Fresh Peaches




  • Fill a large pot with water and set to simmer over medium-high heat.
  • Fill a large mixing bowl with ice and cold water and set it on the counter next to the pot on the stove.
  • Once the water is simmering, carefully drop a fresh peach into the pot, no more than 3-4 peaches in the pot at a time. Remove after 15 seconds for room temperature peaches or 30 seconds for refrigerated peaches.
  • Immediately place in an ice bath.
  • After completely cooled down, about 2 minutes, remove from ice bath and rub up and down with your thumb. If the skin moves, then you should be able to simply peel the skin off.
  • Pro tip #1: loosen the skin around the stem area first, then the skin should easily roll down in just a few pieces from top to bottom.
  • Pro tip #2: If you have a peach with an unappetizing spot, you can cut it off. Blanch and peel what remains. The result is the same as blanching a whole peach.


How to include your child(ren):  This is a great sensory activity! The peels are easy enough for your child(ren) to take off, and if you plan on making purée or peach filling for a dessert, it’s ok if they’re a little smooshed. Let them use a butter knife to halve the peaches and remove the stone. If you’re making purée, let them manually smoosh the peaches into a pulp. I promise this activity could easily keep your child(ren) entertained for a while, allowing you some quiet bonding time.  
Pro Tip:  Line your kitchen table with newspapers or a cheap plastic shower liner from the dollar store to help contain the mess.
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